The Find: Michelle Robinson


Her Armor # 2

I discovered artist Michelle Robinson on Instagram. I absolutely love her work. It’s refreshing, unique and celebrates femininity. 

Michelle Robinson Artist

On Create.ture, her website, her work is described as:

bold contrasts, color palettes, patterns and the female form. Her figures float gracefully upon an intricate background comprised of overlaying rhythmic patterns and tantalizing color harmonies. Natural or unfamiliar, loud or subtle, she creates whimsical interpretations of the human condition using the movement of the female body as her wholly intriguing and revealing device.





HerArmorA-570x676Her Armor #3

Michelle Robinson also offers Art Prints that are much more affordable than her Originals. They range from $30-$45. She even offers a bundle deal of 3 Prints for $100.






Petal by Petal



Learn more about Michelle on her Website, Instagram and Facebook.  

Image Source: Create.ture

My Home: Workspace


This is my work space. Yep, nothing special at all. Well I would like to change that! It’s time.

The space I occupy is right behind our living room couch. There’s a lot of natural light from the window and the balcony door, so the space is a good space. I have to have my natural light! See the existing floor plan below.


Currently,  I have a desk that consists of a Torsby table top from Ikea and a table base I scored for free a year or so ago. I also have the painted and reupholstered chair that I purchased for $8. Annnnddd that’s about it LOL. To get a full glimpse at the space, look at the pictures of the apartment when my boyfriend and I first moved in.

sds_workspace_2 sds_workspace_3

I’m taking a Construction Documents class this Summer and I put the plans on the wall using painters tape. It’s easier for me to make annotations and review the documents. I’ll soon replace that with some art prints. I would love a cork board instead, but I think it will clash too much with the rest of the living room. You can also see my makeshift printer stand on the other side of the desk. That will be “fixed” as well. 


My desk is the definition of messy. Yes, that’s a wood sample under my almonds! I need to get a few trays as well as a pencil cup. I love office supplies from Poppin and Russell + Hazel. The white office supplies from Poppin are my fave. I may just end up in Target though. Their Threshold and Nate Berkus collections have been #killingit lately! 


I plan to get everything together over the next couple of months. Next time I’ll be sharing the updated floor plan with furniture placement as well as inspiration photos. Look for that in a couple weeks.

I’ve already put the desk in front of the window and I’m thinking bookshelves on both sides. I’m already making some progress!

Color Love: Mean Green

This series is a revamp of Color Obsession. The inspiration came from the hashtag #pantoneproject on Instagram. I thought it would be cool to follow the project here on the blog while also doing a round-up of items in the same color.



mean green roundup

Wire Side Table | Wax Print Pillow | Turtle Shell Pillow | Hanging Plant Pot | Chevron Side Chair | Green Glass Vase | Modern Statement Mirror | Color + Lamp | Painted Metal Bar Stool | Palm Floor Pillows | Moroccan Trellis Rug

Seeing Sounds: I Used To Love H.E.R.

Seeing Sounds is a series inspired by my love for music and interior design. Every other week, I choose a song and design a room inspired by the song. The series title was inspired by N.E.R.D. Seeing Sounds album. Click here to see past Seeing Sounds posts.

Common I used to love herBefore Common was Common, he was Common Sense. I Used to Love H.E.R., released in 1994, is a classic. It’s a ode to Hip-Hop and many would agree it is very much relevant today.

Yes, yes, y’all and you don’t stop
To the beat y’all and you don’t stop
Yes yes, y’all and you don’t stop
1, 2, y’all and you don’t stop
Yes, yes, y’all and you don’t stop

And to the beat Com sense’ll be the sure shot, come on

I wanted the space to be almost melancholy but hopeful. Check out the dining space below.

i used to love her common sds blog

When I was conceptualizing the space, I thought about who would be using the space. I thought about a creative couple, one a photographer and one a writer. They like to entertain and they love have deep conversations around the dining table. They are also lovers of 80s and 90s Hip-Hop especially Commom, Lauren Hill, Tupac, A Tribe Called Quest and Mos Def. They are avid concert/festival go-ers and they consider themselves foodies. This made it easier to use the song as an inspiration.

This wallpaper represents the progression of the song from light to deep. The black and white photography are snapshots of the culture of hip-hop. i.e. Fashion, Performance, DJ-ing, etc. The rug continues the blue to the ground. The chandelier is mirrored and represents reflection and thought. I chose to keep everything white, chrome and black to represent the past meeting the future. Additionally, it represents the foreshadowing theory of the song I Used to Love H.E.R.

Ombre Wallpaper | Tall Black Cabinet | White Frames | Photography 1, 3, 4 found via Google Image search | Adidas Photo | White Dining Table | Modern Chrome Chairs | Blue Overdyed Rug | Modern Mirrored Chandelier | Black Candlestick Holders | Black Vase

Success or Nah? LOL… Tell me in the comments.

Inspired By No. 2

inspired-by-2Can you believe we are in the second week of July already? The Summer is flying by.

This week has been great. I’ve had so many unexpected things happen. If everything goes as planned, I will be able to share my news in the next couple of weeks!

I did a lot of brainstorming this week. I’m still figuring out a few things with the blog. You may have noticed I switched up the graphic of this post. I may switch it up again. Im trying to develop a nice design so I may make tweaks here and there. The first one was a FAIL. It wasn’t legible.  

Ok, let’s take a look at what inspired me this week:

Solange Knowles covers the August 2014 cover of Lucky Magazine. She’s one of my design muses. Love her! The cover story is a great read. She talks about her personal style growth and her move to New Orleans from New York. 

Lupita Nyong’o braids hair! Lupita does a candid video interview with Vogue. Take a look and see her impressive hair braiding skills!

I stumbled upon so many new-to-me blogs this week. Good Lookn Out, Milk N’ Honee, EatStylePlay, Sage + Sparkle and byRegina. I love finding and connecting with bloggers!

SZA and Jill Scott collab on a song called Divinity! I can’t stop listening to Luke James’ Whispers in the Dark mixtape and Tinashe’s Black Water mixtape

Andrea did a great post about Mudcloth and she shared this great video on how to make Mudcloth (turn on the captions). It’s such an interesting process. I would love to try it out if I could find the materials needed. 

Angel’s post on Finding Your Summer Blogging Voice was a great read. It made me think about quality over quantity


Design Talk: 7 Tips For Finding Your Personal Decorating Style

finding you personal decorating style

Finding your personal decorating style can be daunting when you don’t know where to start. There’s a saying in the fashion world that “Fashion is trendy, style is forever” and I believe that applies to design world as well. Following trends will make your home feel dated fast, while style will make your home feel 100% authentic because it is a true reflection of YOU.

Now the big question is:


I’ve got you covered! I’ve put together 7 tips for honing your personal decorating style. They are fun and if you follow them you should have no problem finding your personal home style.

Tip #1: Collect Inspiration & Label

This tip may seem cliche but it’s a very important step. I am a huge fan of Pinterest but this can be done the traditional way as well. Start by collecting interior images of what you love. The key here is to be honest with yourself. If you like an image but you know it wouldn’t work for you keep it moving. Once you’ve collected enough images start to label them by style. This is very important! ex. Retro Glam, Romantic Modern, Bohemian, etc. Once you have labeled all the images go back and organize by label. As you move through this exercise, you will probably notice a trend. You may notice that you chose a lot of bohemian interiors or a lot of traditional interiors. This step helps you identify what your eye likes. Meg Biram has a great tutorial on her magazine reading process. For those who like to collect inspiration the traditional way, this can definitely help you stay organized as you work through the exercise. For Pinterest users, Pinterest allows you to add descriptions to everything you pin. You can also create secret boards to keep this process private. Remember to be honest through this process. Avoid trendy, seek style.

Tip #2: Look At Your Closet

Fashion and Interior Design are cousins. Meaning they have their own set of rules but they are definitely related. Your appearance probably means a lot to you and I’m guess the appearance of you home means just as much. Your closet/wardrobe can tell you a lot about your personal decorating style. Clothing have color, texture, pattern, etc. Pick your favorite pieces and take note of their features. Write them down. ex. My closet is very neutral. I love gray, white, black, with a little animal print, pops of color usually coral and blues and greens and dashes of cultural patterns. You will find that this step will help you a lot. Now, look back at the interior images you collected in the first step and see if you find a pattern. Most likely you will! 

Tip #3: Go On a Home Store Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt? Yes, scavenger hunt! Ok, it’s not a traditional scavenger hunt because there’s no list of items to find. What you find is all up to you! Here’s how this works: you will need time and a camera. That’s it! Visit as many home stores, like West Elm, CB2, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, IKEA, Z Gallerie, as possible. Walk around the show room and visit each vignette. Sit down, feel the textures and absorb the colors. Take note of when you feel most comfortable. Try to identify exactly what makes you feel comfortable and then take a picture of it. It can be an item, a piece of furniture or entire room set-up. Just take note. Do this at every store. Some stores might not have anything that catches your eye and that’s ok. This is the process of elimination. You are trying to identify exactly what you love and why. 

Tip #4: Find Your Happy

This exercise will be very fun! Everyone loves to fantasize a little bit, right? All you need to do is close you eyes and think about your dream home. Think about the home that will make you happy. Think about the home that feels authentic. Place yourself in the space. Now, start to ask yourself these two simple questions:

  1. What does it look like?
  2. What does it feel like?

Take note of everything. Open your eyes. Write it all down. Now, put this information with everything you collected from Tip 1-3. Everything should start to come together!

Tip #5: Evaluate Your Current Home

Take a walk around you current home. Take a look at your kitchen, bedrooms, living room, etc. Do you notice a repetition in color, pattern or material? Try to find the elements that are similar. You might be able to identify what you love through your existing items. When buying for your home you might’ve unintentionally chosen items that compliment one another. The items might not be exactly the same but they may have the same qualities. ex. you may have linen window treatments in your bedroom and a linen sofa in you living room. That’s something to take note of. 

Tip #6: Find Your Muse

Are you obsessed with Kelly Wearstler or Jonathan Adler? Can you not get enough of Michael Boyd and Courtney Lake? Your muse doesn’t have to be a interior designer, it can be a fashion designer, a person, a photographer or a graphic designer. Every artist/person has a signature style that they communicate through their “work”. Find your muse and pick apart their work/look. Find exactly what you love about it/them. It may be that they are minimal. It may be the way they mix patterns. It may their color choices. For instance, I love Solange Knowles, Mara Hoffman, House of Harlow, Jessica Alba, Joie and Madewell. What do my muses say about me?  Now, look at your muses. What do they say about you?

Tip #7: Hire A Designer

A designer can help you find your personal style. Your job would be to find the right designer. Someone who can help you with your vision while incorporating your personality and style. This tip can be expensive but many designers offer affordable options such as e-design, a la carte services and consultations that are used to steer you in the right direction. Ex. Upon a potential client showing interest in my services, I send a lifestyle questionnaire. Most designers practice this same technique. This allows the designer to get to know their clients. A designer and client relationship is very personal because you are letting them into your space and allowing them to get to know you. This process just like Tip #2 requires honesty. You can check out my design services here.

If you follow these tips you will be well on your way to finding your personal decorating style!


Image Source: The Everygirl

10 Questions with…Laura Providence


Happy Wednesday! For the second 10 Questions, I interviewed Laura Providence! Laura is a very talented graphic designer. I follow her blog The Native New Yawker. I absolutely love her blog series, The Blog Critique, where she provides blog design feedback to blogs submitted for review. Laura also has a etsy shop where she sells Pre-Made logos, media kit templates and her very popular printable Blog Action Planner. She also works full-time as an Art Director for Click 3X. Busy is an understatement!

What is your morning routine?

Depending on what exactly I have to do before work, I wake up anywhere between 4-6am. I’m a snoozer, so I’m usually up within 20 minutes of my alarm going off.

If I’m up at 6am, the boyfriend & I make the bed, get our Pomeranian food and make breakfast which can consist of anything from a green smoothie, to oatmeal to a full out eggs, bacon and pancakes. After breakfast, we’ll go into our home office and go over the tasks for the day. While I have to go into an office, my boyfriend has the luxury of working from home since he’s a freelance illustrator & copywriter. Once we’ve handled the ‘serious’ stuff for the day, we usually spend about 30 minutes or so browsing videos on the Internet *cough WorldStarHipHop cough* before my boyfriend is driving me to the train station to go to work by 10am. The first thing I do once I touch down in the office is have breakfast #2 while catching up on emails and blogs before starting my actual work.

If I’m up at 4am, it’s usually for a reason — so I just bypass my normal morning routine and head straight to my office to knock out whatever I didn’t get to finish the night before.

Who/What inspired you to pursue a creative career?

I would have to give the credit to my boyfriend.

We met when I was entering my first year at the University of Connecticut as a Pharmacy major. The only other job I had before a designer was a pharmacy technician, so I thought the obvious choice would be to just pursue at career as a pharmacist.

The only thing was.. I hated it. My boyfriend was dabbling more and more with Photoshop during my first year and would share all his latest creations that would just have me inspired. I was always designing flyers for my family’s business, but it was really him that encouraged me to take design seriously and pursue a real career in it.

It wasn’t until my senior year at UCONN that I came back home to New York and attended the School of Visual Arts in the city. Best decision I’ve made to date.

What is your creative process? What project(s) are you currently working on?

I have some many projects I’m juggling between work, freelance and personal. Since no one project is the same — one day I can be doing a branding project, the next day I can be designing a UI for an app — it’s usually a different creative processes for each task. Essentially they all begin with some type of design brief (even personal projects), followed by a little R&D (Research & Development), and then the execution begins.

At the current time I’m working on quite a few projects that have me excited. For my job, I’ve been the lead designer for a fashion game app that will be released this Fall. I’m used to designing for apps, but designing for games has been a whole new challenge. So I’m really excited for the outcome of that. Outside of work, I’m currently rebranding my blogs: The Native New Yawker & Party Over Hair, that should be relaunched by mid-Summer. Hopefully.

Usually when I'm in one of my blocks, I remove myself completely from the design world... I try to get out and get social.


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